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roadmapcoverIf you are asked to point in the direction of the North now, in what direction will you point? If you now get a compass, will your north be the same as the north of the compass? Can you imagine how confusing it would be if there was no “TRUE NORTH” invested in nature by God? The world would be a very confusing place where north would be subject to each person’s definition.

Just like there is a definite north pre-determined by God, so there are basic principles that govern the achievement of success in our world. These are the principles discussed by Francis Madojemu in ROAD MAP. They are timeless truths that we can only ignore at our own peril. Any one who chooses not to get direction by the compass will soon be lost.

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richpastorGod’s plan is to restore His original design to rule the visible earthly realm from the invisible heavenly realm’ and that God will give you and I the privilege of being involved in that plan. You will however agree with me this is an awesome responsibility that requires that we know what our roles and responsibilities are in this plan of God. ‘Rich Pastor, Poor Pastor’ will start you comfortably on that journey.I realize the title may lead some to believe it is another bo
ok on a quick-get-rich scheme. If you follow the pattern laid down in the book you will indeed become rich, however you will also more importantly discover wealth. Wealth is central to the actualization of God’s plan in the earth as revealed in Deuteronomy 8:18 ‘But thou shalt remember the Lord thy God: for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth, that he may establish his covenant which he sware unto thy fathers, as it is this day.’ (KJV). I believe the levers of power and wealth are about to be shifted.

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streetcar-coverThe Streetcar Named Marriage is a book that takes a leap out of convention. It is based on the philosophical hub of moving from ‘what is’ to ‘what ought’. It is a book that stems out of a long and rigorous research into marriages, the problems, people’s mindsets and the way forward.

This book is meant to make us take a paradigm shift in our thinking, which will inevitably affect our actions.

It changes the way we see things and this will eventually transform our marriages and lives as a whole.

A lot of us think marriage is a destination; a place we get to and remove our shoes, relax and stretch our legs, but marriage is indeed a carriage in transit, it is a conduit that is carrying something to somewhere.

The Streetcar Named Marriage helps us see marriage for what it truly is: A vehicle.

This book provides a re-orientation into the institution called marriage.

Because the streetcar is a foreign concept to us, the author, considerate and ever thoughtful as he is, He did not leave us to ‘figure it out’ ourselves but instead, he took time to tell us what a streetcar is and not only that, he gave us his reason for using the concept.

The main backbone of the principles taught in this book is the Bible. And this, I believe, is the greatest authority.

 In addition, the author is a pastor and a seasoned life coach. With years of counseling and shepherding couples, coupled with his many years of marriage, the author is armed with more than enough experience needed to write a book like this. The wealth of knowledge, intellect and exposure of the author is also a guarantee of the quality of this book.

Francis E. Madojemu, Coordinator of The Bridge Network is an Architect, a Business Man & Social Entrepreneur. He is the author of two other books.

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