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Habit 7: “Sharpen The Saw” is the habit we will be treating on this month of August at our Real Success Seminar.On Sunday - 6th August, 2017 by 8:00am, our guest – the Stephen Covey certified trainer in person of Mrs. Folasade Adefisayo started the teaching.

She started by saying it is the last habit, the easiest to teach and the shortest of all. She said its takes practice to do some certain things and in order to sharpen the saw you must keep practising. Some books says that Talent may be great but it is over rated. If you don’t keep practising no matter how good you are, you will never get better, using Usain Bolt who was bowing out because he has reached an age where he isn’t hungry anymore – he wasn’t practising anymore, not sacrificing anymore. She reminded of the last six habits and then laid emphasis on sharpen the saw.

Once you understand somebody, you listen well and help one another moving from the state of dependence of “I Can” to the state of Interdependence of “We Can”. We need to synergize and in rounding up all the other habits is habit 7 which is sharpening the saw.

It means preserving and enhancing that asset and you and I are our own asset and need to preserve it. Habit 7 affect all other areas of our lives. And you can also have seven highly effective family – the world strictest family which means in this house we serve the Lord together.

A video was played for us and its about –  for every hour he spend fifteen minutes sharpening his saw. Abraham Lincoln said if I have six (6) hours to cut down a tree, he will spend four (4) hours to sharpen his axe. She said using a blunt axe to cut wood is a waste of time and energy instead sharpening the saw will make you work easier and faster, and thus it makes the work more effective. The common paradigm for most of us is I am too busy to sharpen the axe, too busy to take time out to do the things that I need to do in order to stay effective. And when you are busy, remember the big man who was busy cutting the tree for 24 hours, at the end of the day it wasn’t effective.You need to take time out for themselves.

You and I are need to sharpen the saw every time, because it will help improve yourself. You keep working on yourself to be focused, re-energised and need to find balance in four major areas of your life – spiritual, mental, physical, emotional. I am too tired to read, to tired to study, to sharpen the saw, work on the gym, those little drops of water. So you have to know that the little things are not little at all.

Four dimensions are –

Physical – Exercise, Nutrition, Sress Management

Mental – Learning, Reading, Writing, Visualizing

Social/Emotional – Your Relationship, Services to your community, Synergy with other people

Spiritual – your Values, your Prayers, your Meditation

Physical – has to do with caring for our body which most of us don’t do. It is very key. We need to eat well, modest in life, temperate people, etc. We need to ensure we live a good old age and it should be done now. Eat well, exercise. Think about what you are to do on a daily basis to ensure you sharpen the saw about your physical lifestyle?

Mental – we need to keep sharp. We need to be mindful of what we watch. Read broadly, write, watch less and talk together as a family. Learnt together as a family, it is a good thing. Think about what to do in the mental dimension going forward to sharpen the saw?

Social – this is where we give back to the society. It is our individual duty to make our society better. Your interactions, your services to humanity, synergize with people etc. Work on the social dimension areas of your life and let it be a win – win situation. Build relationships. We have to serve our communities.

Spiritual – most important and that’s why we are here. Please we should never forget God and the core of our being is our relationship with God. There are times of ups and down but we should never forget He loves us and this is really critical. Pray, meditate, walk with the people of God, renew yourself everyday. Have your own personal mission statement, your own values in your families. The see do get circle – whatever you do is what you get.

Take care of yourself everyday with your body, Spirit, mind and in your heart.  Have a daily routine every day and you need to move on a daily spiral. On a daily basis, when you do it continuously. It will be an old age habit. Think about it within yourself, there are tips for doing this on a daily basis. Take baby steps. Stay motivated and when you are successful, celebrate yourself. Get a friend and adjust often. Work from inside out. Focus on things that are inside.

You can watch, listen and read via these links below:-

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See you next week

Oluwaranti O. Fayankinnu

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