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Habit 6: “Synergy” at our Real Success Seminar  on 30th July, 2017.  She reminded us of the other habits from 1 – 5 before she began with Synergy – habit 6.

She started with the fact that she has been the 7- Habits facilitator for years and it has always been from the secular point of view but now since she started teaching in our church, she started seeing the effectiveness even in our spiritual life, for that she is grateful to Pastor Francis Madojemu.

Habit 6: “Synergy” – she started by showing a picture of a small bird called – “Starling” and played a video of the birds called starlings flying.  Can you see the beauty of them flying together? No collision, no mistakes but they always fly together because there is beauty and power when we are together, ie the WHOLE is bettter than SOME. The underlying principle is that together we achieve more (TEAM). The beauty is in togetherness and not as an individual.  The beauty was not seen in the singleness of just that one starling but in the multitude of them flying together.

Individual Differences – She said she believed it is beautiful that we all don’t think alike and that it is good to appreciate individual differences. She said she was part of a group where there are great men of these Nation and she felt intimidated at a stage but there she understood and appreciated what was called our individual differences.

Mrs. Folasade Adefisayo also said that 1 + 1 = 3. Though mathematically that is not right because 1 + 1 = 2 but in synergy, the answer can be much more than 2. How can this be? But understand that you are unique, bespoke, peculiar, different, etc. So, appreciate your individual differences and know what makes you unique inside yourself. Don’t tolerate the other person but celebrate differences.

Synergy is working as a team not as an individual; Synergy is not compromise because we have both given up something. We have to find a way of working together. Synergy comes into action as a result of all the other Habits – 1 – 5. It is strength when we come together with our differences.

What prevent people from celebrating individual differences?

Control – being in control

Envy – who is this person? What does she have to say etc

Looking Down on people

Tribalism – in that region, that’s how they behave

Fear –

There are many things to individual differences and that’s why we should go for what Stephen Covey called The 3rd Alternative – not your way, not my way but the 3rd way. It should be I am willing to hear your opinion – looking for a third way. And this should be applied in all learning situations.

So how do I learn? – Every moment is a learning time. I learn from all – children, friends, family members, colleagues, social platforms, professional friends, nature, but a lot from friends. You and I have to come together and I understand we all have our respective stories but we can learn from our strange situations.

“Great things in business are never done by one person but by a team of people”- Steve Jobs. So you and I must be part of a team that is willing to work together to bring out our best.

“You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world but if they don’t play together, the club won’t be with a dime” – Bab Ruth a basketball player.

“Talent win games but team work and intelligence win championships” – Michael Jordan

How do we read the bible? We read with historical meanings, understand a lot of detailed information but what amazed me is the whole lot of people that came together and built together what you and I are still following today. Even in churches today, we can always build together the best by coming together as a group/team.

The last video shown was about Geese flying together to show the principle of Synergy –

“Why don’t we act like these geese and stand with each other, use our talents and skills to work  like a team, make a formation with those who goes the way we want, take turns with leadership and help one another, encourage each one of us to step forward and always help each other in sickness and in health”.

Look at the lifting power? As a church, lifting power of all us in rising together, that’s the power of SYNERGY.

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