Network Service: “An Extravagant Sacrificial Love” 6th July, 2017

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August 9, 2017
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August 16, 2017
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Pastor Francis Madojemu ministered about our August theme for the month which is “An Extravagant, Sacrificial Love” at our Network Service.

Pastor Francis Madojemu played a video about the sacrificed made by a man for the Hebrew language. One of the reasons why I feel I need to share this video is that there is a wrong notion in our minds about how God works on earth. The way we Christians pray, we pray for miracles, Abuja is in a mess, our economy is in a mess, the way we run our Nation, did you read the article by Pat Utomi about Nigeria been the next  Haiti, when you ask God to intervene in a matter, what’s in your head? You will go to Abuja people and twist it or do you find somebody who is going to make the sacrifice necessary for a country to change? Pastor Francis Madojemu said he told us all that just to bring us here, he always has that impression and he was brought up that way too that if God has called you everything is going to be easy.

This guy has tuberculosis, he was given six (6) months to live and he lived forty –one years after, his wife died of the diseases he had, he lost six children and incredibly poor but I loved to show you the statement he made that I love this country, I love the language – Hebrew. It’s my life assignment. When you talk to anybody who is a Christian, they say I will pray and God will take care of it.

Many years ago, Pastor Tunde Amosun said Moses had made a mistake in Egypt, he killed an Egyptian and when he was trying to separate two Hebrews, he found out that they knew that he had killed an Egyptian and that there is a death sentence on his head. So he ran to the wilderness for forty years and while he is there God appeared to him and said he has come to set the people free. Moses said God don’t you know where Egypt is, I am in the desert, what are you doing here? You want set your people free then go to Egypt because every time God wants to do something the bible says He seeks for a man, whether that thing is for a country, city, your life, your business.  We have so switched to survival mode.

He wanted to be a doctor but he has this disease – tuberculosis, he concluded I might as well do what God wants. We have this notion in our heads. How many of us are willing to sacrifice for our Nation? I know you have different challenges but why is your life so difficult because you have a purpose to live out. Can you remember his wife could not even talk to her children? The only way is through Hebrew because the man made it a law. He is a man sold out for God. He was called a fanatic but he kept walking.

We care for ourselves and forget the other person. We have become so self-centred. You can tell whose somebody is sent to by his writings e.g Peter to the Jews, Paul to the Gentiles. Some ministers are called to minister to the body of Christ while the body of Christ (You and I) is to minister to the world. This pulpit is not for some of us and can never be, because but it requires sacrifice. Pastor E. A. Adeboye was once asked what’s his favourite scripture, and he said the scripture by Paul which says he wants to be spent and spent by God. You are here for God to use you for people. We have so sat in place where we want to use God for ourselves and look at how far it has brought us.

The act of the woman who anointed Jesus was simile a sacrifice and some of us are called to anoint Jesus. Some of us are called to the world. The Poor has needs to which you and I can be of help to them. If you think there’s a corruption at the top then wait till you get to the bottom. Some of us may ask how do you and I survive but that’s the Sacrifice. As a young pastor in Jesus Embassy, aim for the sky so that if you fall you will fall on the tree, but if you aim for the tree and you miss it, you will fall on the ground. But the problem is that most of us are aiming for survival and if you miss surviving, you will drown. He says I will bless you so as to be a blessing to others. What did you do with what He gave you? How long are we going to continue survive? Nobody gives up anything anymore…..

Some of us have never heard or seen stories like this before and you had a notion in your heart that that’s the sacrifice you are to make for other people. Am I supposed to grow up, work hard, marry, grow up and die, suffer, and it continues like that etc? This is not right and it can’t be God. I said my life has to matter for something and God told me that I left you here for a purpose. Everything you have, intelligence, wealth, great achievements is from God for a purpose, so that you can be a blessing to others. God set you and I up for purpose and that man knew why he was born. Do you?

You and I have a heritage in Christ. We need to search out our purpose of been created. You and I are to stop living an ordinary life. The dash (-) between year of birth to year of death is the purpose of you and I been created.

That’s why the bible says in Deuteronomy 28:2 King James Version – And all these blessings shall come on thee, and overtake thee, if thou shalt hearken unto the voice of the LORD thy God.

Stop living ordinary lives – mere men. Everything you and I do should not be for you and I alone. Church is where you and I can come in and we won’t recognize the wealthy or the poor. Throw party for orphans, sponsor a child’s education, etc

If you die today, who will pray for you to come back? We should stop living ordinary lives. We have same needs like an unbeliever. Put your eyes where you want to go. When you and I are awake the devil should be afraid because of what you live for. Paul says in the scripture, because I am in this boat not a life will be lost.

You can watch, listen and read via these links below:-

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God bless you as we sacrificially be a blessing to others.

See you next week!!!

Oluwaranti O. Fayankinnu


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