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Pastor Francis Madojemu  and the Rain Choir ministered together in songs with the theme “The Eagles Wing” at our Network Service.

Pastor Francis Madojemu started by saying and quoting 1 Cor 12 – desire the best gifts, and he said for many years he thouht one gift is better than the other but the best gift is based on your circumstances and we have limited that. God is saying He is stirring up the gift of God in you so as to have greater ease, greater authority to manifest, etc The gifts of God in church to develop the saints is different from the gift of a banker or of a tailor to rule your world. Therefore, your gift will bring you before Kings – people who recognise the greatness in you but you must stir it up because He – God will open the door for you.This stirring up comes with opportunities so don’t say No but get prepared.

Pastor Francis Madojemu said we will be walked through songs and most of them were chosen from Hillsong Songs for a reason. Songs are used to bring people from the world to Christ and vice versa.

He quoted Psalm 100 : 4 (The Message) – “Enter with the password “Thank You”.

There is a reason why David said this to get your mind off your problem and bless the Lord – the Blesser to acknowledge Him that He is faithful, He is been appreciated for all and despite all and that is why we shout to the Lord.

First Song – Shout To The Lord (led by Glory Rain Choir).

Pastor Francis Madojemu said if he should just take the last sentence of the song which says and I quote – “Nothing compares to the promise I have in You” that means the problems I brought into His presence begins to get smaller and smaller and I begin to see how big He is. Nothing compares to the promise I have in You it means I came here thinking that I have a big problem but when I look at the promises You have for me then I enter into His presence with thanksgiving singing I have a very big God o, I am always by His side because that is how I see the song and it should be.

Shout to the Lord because whatever you bring in is getting smaller and smaller.David always talk about how big His God to his enemies, his problems because He has a very big God. He brought us to Himself, see how I brought you on eagles wings to Himself not to prosperity, but to Himself. Why are you looking for anything in Christianity? Once you have God, you have everything. Once you have God controlling, in charge, directing, He will take care of everything else. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and the things that the gentiles are seeking will be added unto you but this is His desire. What is your desire?

2 Chronicles 1: 11 (NLT) - 11 God said to Solomon, “Because your greatest desire is to help your people, and you did not ask for wealth, riches, fame, or even the death of your enemies or a long life, but rather you asked for wisdom and knowledge to properly govern my people— The Lord said to Solomon, the death of your enemies but……………… God is saying there will be no king or anyone greater than anything like King Solomon – Bill Gates, Steve Jobs etc. Beacuse your greatest desire is….….”to help your people”. What’s your desire? Right now its houses, cars, wealth? But mine is my books because all the others will become obsolete – but books will live forever outlive me, did I teach my sons enough to look after my books? Can you imagine that was the only valuable thing I saw in my entire life not even NuStreams. What’s your desire? The man desire to help people and God decided to bless Him with every other things he did not ask for and you are thinking of obsolete things – what is your desire?.

Second Song – This Is My Desire (led by Mercy Rain Choir). Pastor Francis Madojemu asked you and I if that was true about the song – every breathe that I take every moment am away, is that our desire? Does our lifestyle show what you believe and do because the only way we believe shows in what we do. The bible says the love of God constrains us and constrains sounds negative but you and I have the desire to repay evil for evil but the love of God constrains us. Just believe God.

Third Song – I Believe (led by Elizabeth rain Choir).

Again, Pastor Francis Madojemu said there is nothing like Christian music but Christian lyrics. The song lyrics says but we laid down our lives that our cross……….God reminded me of this verse in John 18: 37 King James Version (KJV)

37 Pilate therefore said unto him, Art thou a king then? Jesus answered, Thou sayest that I am a king. To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth. Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice.

There is a connection with you knowing your call and with you been obedient to God. This is why I came, to get married and have 3 kids? And on your tombstone is written the summary of your life written as from 1962 – 2162 and there’s a dash in the middle, the only thing that matters is the dash – what I lived for. What’s your cause? The only life we live on this earth is meant to be a by-product of hosting His presence and if you and I are conscious of His presence of knowing what we are to do by His promptings and that’s why we need the Holy Spirit.

Fourth Song – Holy Spirit Rain Down (led by Glory Rain Choir)

That place you are weak, where you don’t have control over your money, where you can’t help but shout at your wife, or at your husband, or your chldren, that place where you are struggling with, let your power fall, let your voice be heard, come and change our hearts. As a young Christian, I used to hear the word that many are called few are chosen but we struggle, we do a lot to be chosen as ushers, protocols, choir, etc because it didn’t make sense but listening to Reinhard Bonnke reading from a German bible one day explains that many are called but few have made the choice to be chosen….. The onus of choosing is not about God but on You and I. It is not about salvation but the calling and choosing is not to eternal life but to the service of humanity. Many many are called, this morning God told us He is going to promote us and stir up our gifts, clearly He told us it’s not about you.

Many of us are going to be put in positions, know why you are there it is not to make money for your family because immediately you go in that direction then you are putting a curse on yourself. His call is to serve Humanity.

Fifth Song – You Called Me Out (led by Dorcas Rain Choir).

Many are called………make that choice today. I grew up where everything started and finished in church but He told me that everything starts in church but there’s no way where everything will end in church, wait until we start since Christians doing exploits in the world. Let God use you in ways you yourself can not imagine and it is not going to be in church because He can’t put all of us here for here but to be trained and equipped for the market place. Aposles to break new grounds like Steve Jobs, Oprah etc Apostles in the church and in your world, prophets in the market place and in the church providing solutions to the problems of our world, service to the world – humanity.

Pastor Francis Madojemu said and laid emphasis on the fact that where we are going we have never been before that is why we need the cloud by day and the pillar by night so as to manifest in the world. He brought us by the eagles wings to Himself. We have to yield to Him and we can’t be manifesting in church without a change outside the church. Enough of that.

Sixth Song – On Eagles Wings (led by Glory Rain Choir)

God will show you the end from the beginning but He won’t show you the in betweens just like Joseph in the bible. There is a process. The Potter molds You and I, and when He doesn’t like that vase, He scatters You and I and re-mold You and I to be a beautifully and wonderfully made Vessel unto Honour. For You and I, let’s put our lives in the Potter’s hands because it is not a hard thing to be committed in His hands. Allow Him to mold You and I to be what He created us for. You will be a different being if You and I give ourselves to the Potter’s Hands.

Seventh Song – Potter’s Hands (led by Dorcas Rain Choir)

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God bless you as we hand over our lives into the Potter’s Hands to be molded to His desire.

See you next week!!!

Oluwaranti O. Fayankinnu



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