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Francis E. Madojemu, Coordinator of The Bridge Network is an Architect, a Business & Social Entrepreneur, Consultant for ReCLAIM Culture, as well as the CEO of NuSTREAMS Concepts, owners of NuSTREAMS Conference & Culture Centre, GameWorld, DreamWorld Studios & iBridgeHub. He is a multi-gifted motivational speaker as well as an educator whose principles on Success and Wealth fly in the face of conventional wisdom. He is a very creative person and blessed with the gift of proffering ideas which are solutions to the problems encountered by individuals, organizations and the society at large. He has gifts in the area of teaching and encouraging people to attain their potential. He was the Pastor of The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Jesus Embassy, Ibadan till September 2006. He is the author of Roadmap, Rich Pastor Poor Pastor and more recently, A Streetcar Called Marriage! Francis E. Madojemu is married to Ajuma and they are blessed with two sons, Adam and Edward. He holds a Masters in Environmental Design, M.ED (Architecture) 1984 & a Bachelors Degree in Environmental Studies, BES (Architecture) 1982 from the University of Lagos, Nigeria after completing his School Certificate (1977) and Higher School Certificate (1979) from Federal Government College Ilorin. He has worked in various other capacities as General Manager & Executive Director of Nuyi Knitting Industries Ltd from 1985 to 2000 and as Managing Director, Chief Executive of Wood & Things, Tops & Bottoms, since 1987. He founded Ideasbridge, a program for Human Resource Development which features the Entrepreneur, Sound & Music, and Employment & Career Development Clinic, (ECDC), as well as Angels of the ER. He also started the Shut Up & Drive Initiative to combat the use of mobile phones while driving.
His latest projects include the iBridge Hub initiative, which is an inspiring contemporary open space where young entrepreneurs and innovators in the city of Ibadan can bring their ideas to reality. At iBridge Hub, people from every profession, background and culture are being united by the imagination and drive to pursue enterprising ideas for the world, and iCode - a platform where Children, Youths, Educators and Parents can learn this essential 21st Century skill. Our mission is to give every child in our community the chance to learn to code. It is our aim to equip the next generation with this essential skill. He is presently a Consultant Partner of ReCLAIM: Reclaiming Culture In Leadership, Accountability, Innovation & Management which is a culture resource platform, as well as a management consulting, research and training company with an innovative and ground breaking understanding and approach to culture and its impact. He personally consults, mentors and coaches individuals, groups and organizations through seminars, workshops and conferences as well as with his books/CDs, presentations and believes "My Life’s Calling and Vision Is To Help Others Succeed." This has led to the creation of The Francis Madojemu Organization, a company of leaders & experts invested in helping others succeed and grow to their maximum potential. His creativity and unusual style has distinguished him in the various capacities he has served in. Francis Madojemu has been described many times and in many places as a nonconformist and as unorthodox, but truly, "Francis Madojemu is a Man Ahead of His Time!"***,,,,,,,,, , & +234 (0) 8036290146
Francis Madojemu
The Bridge Network
The Francis Madojemu Organization focuses more on helping you discover, develop and demonstrate to the optimum capacity what you have been designed to do as individuals, groups or organizations, for all-round success. We provide you with the knowledge and the tools and platforms to live out your potential. It’s why we exist. It’s what we do. It’s how we support your success: by equipping you to take our training and apply them to your life, your team and your organization. TFMO integrates seven key areas – Education, Government & Law, Media & Communication, Arts, Entertainment & Sports,Business, Technology & Finance, Family & Spirituality in its Curriculum. Our Partners include,,,,,,, Our various platform spans across the following areas: technology, Design&Visual Arts, Business, and Performing Arts. Our Mission To inspire, challenge and equip individuals, groups and organizations in a revolutionary way to break limits or barriers to success in life, service and market place. We achieve this by providing you with an environment immersed in creative, collaborative, and applied principles which will unlock your potential and develop you into a leader who will have a positive impact on society and the environment.